Did you always wanted to learn how to spot and capture interesting street scenes? How to tell a story with a street photograph? How to see and make most of the light? How to frame and to compose in order to take an exciting street image?

First, let’s meet up and talk photography over a coffee together. Then we’ll hit the streets, exploring my favourite spots in the diverse and exciting neighbourhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln where the lively interactions of the characters who live and work here offer enormous photographic potential.

I’ll be your guide and offer advice on how to use the right camera settings, find the perfect timing and tell a story through images, capturing shots of this bustling part of the city that are funny, beautiful and unexpected.
You’ll go home with new insights into photography, the tools to make better street images and some great mementos of a unique neighbourhood.

Together, we’ll explore Kreuzberg and Neukölln, the most lively, vibrant and multi-ethnic neighbourhoods. Meeting at the Hobrechtbrücke, we’ll walk down the canal to Graefekiez, roam the little side streets of Sonnenallee, and finish in a cafe of friends of mine where we can review our work.

You’ll need to bring your own camera, and the smaller the better - preferably a compact, mirrorless, a rangefinder, a (D)SLR or your smartphone. A fixed lens (28mm / 35mm / 50mm) works best. Analogue shooters welcome!

One on One 3,5 hour walking tour: 250 Euro

Workshop language is German or English.

Requirements: For street photography a small, non-intrusive camera works best, allowing us to work unnoticed without drawing too much attention. Please don't bring large DSLRs or long zoom lenses, as these will disturb people and you won’t get the same kind of pictures. I shoot with a Leica M6 or a Contax T2 and black and white Film (Tri-X).

This experience is for everyone, and you don’t need any knowledge of photography to come along. However, you will get more out of the day if you get to know your camera a little first. Please familiarise yourself with its settings. If you learn how to set ISO, aperture and shutter speed you’ll be ahead of the game!

About Me:
I'm a self-taught analogue photographer and I'm passionate about telling human stories through street photography. A professional, independent photographer, I have lived in Berlin for ten years and I love to roam the streets and inspire others to capture beautiful everyday moments.

For more information or questions get in touch with contact @ klarayoon.com